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phpLD Templates and More


Here are some resources to help you locate a cool template for your phpLD:
1) phpLD Templates - in blog format this site stay up to date with the newest templates available.
2) phpLD Templates - I believe this was the first phpLD template site, and it offers both paid and free templates organized by phpLD version. There are other phpLD resources here too such as category structure sql files.
3) Web Designers Directory templates - these were among the first templates that became popular under 2.0. I'm not sure if this site is still updated.
4) OS Designer - Offering the Stoneflash and Greyline templates.
5) phpLD Your Site - This site offers more than just templates. There are lots of helpful hints and mods there too.
6) RealWD - Offering the Real Blue template
7) Mountain Templates
8) phpLD Info - templates for v2 and v3
9) phpLD Owners - a collection of templates, as well as helpful articles and announcements.
10) Simple Tab Template - from Webverve
11) phpLD Templates Resources - very well organized phpLD resource and highly recommended.
12) phpLD India - a blog about phpLD related matters from a webmaster in India.
13 LinksHolder - Offers free templates for both v2 and v3 of phpLD
14) FREE phpLD Themes & Templates - this site offers completely FREE downloads of phpLD templates and themes for both v2 & v3 of phpLD.
15) MyGreenCorner Templates - some original templates offered by a phpLD directory owner

Other Great Resources:
Directory Spy - a blog with all sorts of helpful hints and articles.
Monster Submit phpLD Vault - leading producer of mods
phpLD Germany - some helpful pages about mods and templates for German users.

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